Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love is the fabric of the Universe that moves gently with the direction of your heart.

Love is the fabric of the Universe that moves gently with the direction of your heart. ~Zenshine

I've been watching a lot of Gregg Braden videos on YouTube lately and he talks about the movement of the matrix that is the energy making up the Universe, how we are all connected through it and by it, and how that energy is moved by the very powerful energy from our own hearts. We influence our surroundings, our friends, current events, and even strangers by the impulses that come from our heart, the strongest of which is that of love.

The electro-magnetic energy of the heart is five thousand times more powerful than that of the brain. It is our power center, and the way we represent ourselves to the world of energy.  It explains how some people can read minds, see someone's past or future, or heal people from a distance.

He explains that our emotions are our instant reaction to people, circumstances and events that affect us, and enter through our lower chakras. We can then process them into 'feelings' by processing that emotion mentally, then choosing the way we want to express it through our hearts. So although we may not have much of a choice about our initial emotional reaction, we have a very big choice in the way we end up feeling about it.

The way we think about things then becomes very important, because we can 'choose' our thoughts even though we may not be able to choose our emotions. Choosing to add a positive spin to a negative emotion will then transform our hearts and project a life-changing energy out into that matrix, gently moving it with the direction of our hearts.

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  1. How Beautifully said! Thank you for sharing~Sending light and lots of love ~Jamie Love

  2. Thanks for adding your love and inspiration Jamie!


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