Thursday, March 18, 2010

Expanding the Heart--A Powerful Guided Meditation

Lately I've been writing a lot about the power of the heart--it fascinates me that its electromagnetic energy is measured to be 5,000 times greater than that of the brain.  And I'm attracting more and more information on this subject like a magnet these days, from Gregg Braden to Don Miguel Ruiz to Bruce Lipton, scientists and mystics alike speak to a forgotten technology powered by the heart.

So I've been practicing ways to start using that power, to start 'remembering' what our culture has taught us to forget, and I've developed an extraordinary meditation that is very powerful in its ability to harness the heart energy and magnify it.  When I do this meditation, I instantly feel expanded, loved unconditionally, connected to source energy, light, happy, free and full of possibilities.  Even my vision seems clearer and farther--everything looks just a little bit different.

See what you feel as you follow along with this guided meditation as I talk you through the steps:

1-  Sit or lay in a comfortable position with the spine as straight as possible (I also do this when I'm walking, and once you catch on you will find it easy to do).

2-  Breathe deeply and slowly through the nose, lengthening the exhale more and more to naturally deepen the inhale.

3-  Visualize your heart as the powerful energy generator it is, then tell yourself, "My intention is to open my heart more and more, radiating and amplifying love throughout every cell in my entire being.  The love energy builds until it expands out into the Universe, instantly connecting with the love energy of every being in the Universe."

4-  Imagine what it would feel like to be that kind of energy, in the Universe where space and time do not matter, seeing yourself easily and instantly lighting up as you connect with all others in a playful dance where you can co-create your hearts' desires together.  What would that feel like?  Would you laugh, play, sing, dance, fly, swim, love?  Remember that time as we know it does not exist here, as you co-create your hearts' desires with all others, and move the very energy fabric of the Universe along with you.

5-  Now imagine that just as instantly, on your next inhale, that all of that expanded, blended Universal energy comes into your body and transforms you with all its energy blending with yours, all hearts in the Universe connected with you in unconditional love.  Breathe that in, feel it as it expands, as your heart opens more and more, generating even more of that love, radiating it through you, amplifying it, and expanding it out into the Universe again on your next exhale.

6-  See how you feel now--use your imagination here; imagine that you have this amazing ability that you're just now remembering, to work with your own electromagnetic energy, guiding it, expanding it, reaching all others with it, blending their abilities with yours, feeling totally supported and...loved.  As Einstein said, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."
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  1. Hi Coleen, I came across your comment on Daniele Jarman's Facebook page. I love this Meditation and the information you posted. I have been working on heart opening for some time now and I guess something directed me to your blog through Daniele. Namaste, Rosalind

  2. Welcome Rosalind! I think we all have such a profound effect on each other as we open our hearts and trust in the magnificence of the Universe. I hope you'll join the blog and share the inspirational journey living in the flow of the Heart.

  3. I found your site on Facebook via Gary Truman Hardison. Thank you for sharing so much.

  4. Very happy that you made your way here thanks to Gary! Welcome, and I hope you'll join our blog and bring all that good energy with you ♥

  5. Hi,

    You've got an incredibly great blog. A lot of people usually do not realize what mind power can do to one's good results.

  6. Thanks camilyn--I agree that we forget how powerful we actually are...


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