Monday, March 22, 2010

Love is the Juice of Life. ~zenshine

I was high on a stream of consciousness last night after a brief flash of thought reminded me that "Love Is the Juice of Life", and I wanted to take flight with that thought, listen to all it had to say, and travel where ever it went.

It spoke to me of the unlimited life force inside each of us that is love, pure love, in a well that is constant and full and deep. The more we dip into it, the more it draws from the life force of the Universe. When we practice self-love, we are training ourselves to dip into the unlimited, the Universal, the Essence of our inner being, ourselves, our love. The more we train our thoughts to self-love, the more love flows through us, and overflows to others outside of us.

I guarantee you that if you find yourself being critical of others, or less than loving with them, it is only a reflection of the way you have been treating yourself. Be kind to yourself. We all find ourselves in moments like that, some more than others, where we have "accepted" our limitations, which really only means we have restricted the flow of love to ourselves. Let go, and let love flow.

When you realize that love is the juice of life, and that to thrive you Must drink the juice of life, you understand that self-love is that practice that is the essence of thriving. Train yourself to love YOU, and you drink the juice of life more and more, you begin a habit of loving yourself, you begin to BE love, and you begin to have less and less room for criticism, judgments, unkindness and hatred.

And because Love Is the Juice of Life, you are fueling life itself, to whatever degree and in whatever direction you deeply desire, because love listens to you and responds to you, and enhances every aspect of your well-being in all health, abundance and love. Want to live forever? Live in your love. That is the place where we are all infinite...

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