Friday, March 26, 2010

Namaste...In Lak'ech, Greetings of Unconditional Love

Namaste...In Lak'ech, greetings of unconditional love
Those of us who practice yoga, or perhaps come from India, will recognize the greeting "Namaste", which translates many ways into a general feeling of "The Divine Light in Me Recognizes the Divine Light in You".  So we bow slightly to each other with hands meeting at the heart and say "Namaste", usually with a smile, as if to set an intention to remember who we are to each other and how we are connected.
In Mayan culture, the greeting "In Lak'ech", which means, "I am another you", or "I am you and you are me", or "you are my other", and speaks even more loudly about our connection to one another by recognizing and valuing how everyone we interact with is holding a mirror for us to see ourselves more clearly through them.  It is a way of recognizing the kindness they do for us no matter what it is that we see, and enables us to immediately remind ourselves to translate what we see into something beautiful that we can love.  It reminds us to find something to love about even the most unlovable, hidden parts of ourselves, and those glaring unlovable qualities in others.
So, it doesn't matter if someone you're talking with offers smiles or arguments, they are all there to co-create with you, and were brought to you by the Universe to further your mutual desires. When things get tense, and circumstances seem impossible, you can relax, drop your 'resistance' (that uncomfortable feeling that something's not going the way your ego wants it to go), and go with the flow, and once you do that, just watch how everything smooths out, people drop their issues, and new avenues open up for you to explore.

Next time you come across someone who seems cranky, power hungry, angry, impatient, fearful, frightening and so on, it won't matter a bit if you can remember to look first for the part of you that they are mirroring to you, and then see the Divine Light in each of you (or, if you don't remember right in the moment, you can look for it afterward).  At that moment when you recognize them for who they really are, you can let yourself melt into love and a sense of life as a beautiful adventure....

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