Sunday, March 7, 2010

When we listen to the wisdom in our hearts, the magical path that was hidden from our minds appears. ~zenshine

When we listen to the wisdom in our hearts, the magical path that was hidden from our minds appears. ~zenshine

This comes from my yoga teacher, Saul, who is the first yoga teacher to introduce me to the bhakti yoga path, or the path of the heart.  I wanted to share this because he expresses so beautifully what I have been feeling and thinking about lately, so here it is:

"Our hearts hold the wisdom of our spirits, of our being.  It is the sacred and magical place where the wisdom of the cosmos resides.  When we  access this inner space and learn to listen to our 'inner voice' we awaken the field of infinite possibilities in the Universe around us and within us.  It is then that the magical path that was hidden from the mind appears- this is the path of the Soul.  If you look deeply at all the sacred mythologies and spiritual teachings this is the essence.  Our practices bring us back to the heart, to the place where our true nature exists."  ~ Saul David Raye

Namaste Divine Soul,
I am sitting in a cafe in Glastonbury, England (Heart of Avalon), truly one of the magical and mystical places on our Mother Earth. I am on my way to India, the cosmos has re-routed part of my journey  through this sacred site and along many  other gridlines ( leylines), the meridians of Mother Earth that connect all the sacred power points on the planet.  The connections and synchronicities of Oneness are increasing by the day and my faith and trust in the Cosmic Intelligence is deepening alongside it.

We are all experiencing the power of this  time, it is affecting us deeply, both personally and collectively.  It is a time of upheaval and transformation that is happening everywhere and we can either resist it or surrender to it. The Ancients call it the 'Great Shift'.  It has happened before on our planet and it is happening again. 

The important thing is to keep ourselves in a high vibrational state- i.e. love, gratitude, peace, appreciation, positivity.  This keeps our vibrational field strong, which subsequently affects all dimensions of life. To follow our intuition, our hearts,  this is really important, because as old systems and logic are breaking down, it is our hearts that hold the voice of our Spirit and are constantly guiding  us  to what is needed at each turn. The heart is the place of vibration that connects us to sacred field of life intelligence. This time is a test, a right of passage, to move through the veil into a deeper embodiment of Spirit. We are being asked to trust, to move beyond fear and ego and dance as Shiva inside the kalachakra ~  'sacred fire'.

Of course we know this in part, but to practice this as you are in the midst of the fire, so  to speak, is the greatest challenge. Simply bringing awareness and intention to it helps, the shift will happen. See what and who is triggering you in your life and bring a positive vibration to it. Nothing heals as Love does. Everyone in our life is a Sacred Mirror, as is Earth and how we perceive what is happening. My own path has been guided over the years to feel Oneness and appreciate all the great wisdom and spiritual traditions of history. Each one holds a part of the 'Oneness Vibration', leading to 'Wholeness'. As such each one of us is an essential part of the whole. It is in the coming together and creating Sacred Space that we make quantum shifts for ourselves and for the collective.  As my Mayan teachers have said to me , 'It is 2012 that is important, it is now. What we do now, is what creates the future'.  Remember the heart, it is in this Sacred Place that we are one. Those of us that can hold that space are being asked to now.  Now is the time. Many of us are reluctant mystics and light workers.  We have believed in our limitations and negative self-images so much so that we have forgotten our magic. But the magic is there, simply look inside and feel it.  Remember. It is in that moment of trust that we activate and awaken. Who you are and why you came here are being revealed to you through the sacred path of your life. It is so for all of us.

At this time, hold  no judgments or separations in your being,  If they come, let them pass through. Hold close to your heart your teachers, your guides and most of all your own connection to Source. Let that deep feeling of connection strengthen your 'whole energetic field' and raise you above the crowd. This is a meditation. See that All is Sacred, it has always been, always will be and is Now. We are in the time of great awakening and transformation. 
I offer my deepest love, gratitude and support to my teachers and their path, for the whole Universe is evolving at this very moment. What appears to be is an illusion and only a step into the deeper truth that is being revealed. Stay tuned into your heart and on Planet Earth and more will be beautifully revealed. In full faith and trust in the Cosmic Oneness of which we all are all a part, I wish you great Love, peace and happiness on your journey. I am grateful to be connected to you.
Blessed Be and In Lak Ech, 
Saul David Raye
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