Thursday, April 29, 2010

Embrace what you would resist and it will melt away into the warmth of your heart. ~zenshine

Embrace what you would resist and it will melt away into the warmth of your heart. ~zenshine

The more you recognize the immense good within you, the more you magnetize immense good around you. ~Alan Cohen

Don't follow me. I'm following my bliss. ~Bumper Sticker

There are two ways to spread happiness; either be thelight who shines it or be the mirror who reflects it. ~Edith Wharton

Monday, April 26, 2010

If you ever want to 'unlearn' negativity, remember what it's like to fall in love, and do that--with yourself, daily. ~zenshine

If you ever want to 'unlearn' negativity, remember what it's like to fall in love, and do that--with yourself, daily. ~zenshine

God gave us memories that we might have roses in December. ~J.M. Barrie

Memories are meant to be a gift, a powerful point of focus to create ourselves a heaven, but often misused for hell. ~zenshine 

I have memories - but only a fool stores his past in the future. ~David Gerrold

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In order to honor the divine feminine and masculine in each of us, we must first honor the divine child and get dirty. ~zenshine

In order to honor the divine feminine and masculine in each of us, we must first honor the divine child and get dirty. ~zenshine

Adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up because they're looking for ideas. ~Paula Poundstone

My own prescription for health is less paperwork and more runnin
g barefoot through the grass. ~Leslie Grimutter

Don Miguel Ruiz talks about it in his books, “The Four Agreements” and “The Fifth Agreement”:  domestication.  It’s what we do to animals either lovingly or not, to make it easier for us to live with them.  It’s also what we do to our children.

Cover of "The Four Agreements: A Practica...
As a child, you were taught right away what your parents believed to be ‘right’ and what they believed to be ‘wrong’.  They taught us their beliefs through repetition day in and day out, because that’s what they were taught, and because they believed that if they didn’t teach us they would be guilty of neglect.  But they taught us mainly because it made it easier for them to live with us inside their own limitations.  They believed it made us more lovable.

Domestication takes hold of us at a very early age, and we ‘forget’ who we really are in our trying to please others and be someone we are not.  We lie to ourselves without even knowing it, and we lie to others without really meaning to.  We seek love outside of ourselves and believe that approval of others is love.

So now how do we find our way back to our authentic self?  Awareness.  Self-love.  Repetition.  It took just a few years for our parents and others to domesticate us, and then we ourselves took over the task. 

When we become aware, even just a little, of how much of our beliefs have nothing to do with who we really are, that is a start.  How do we become aware?  Usually it’s through the pain of separation—we feel different, unloved, or unacceptable at some point in our lives because we are fragmented, fractured, alienated, by the domestication process. 

But when we realize that the only separation is between us and our authentic self, that we have betrayed our true nature, and that we are alien beings only because we don’t recognize who we truly are, we can start to let go and see what’s left.  In that space is who we really are, a place of authenticity, a place of true love.  The only way back to that authentic self is through self-love.

Awareness.  Recognize that what’s left when you strip away all the domestication beliefs is who you truly are.  Self-love.  Practice self-love for who you are in this very moment no matter what is happening and no matter what others say or do.  Since you don’t recognize who you are yet, practice self-love blindly, absolutely.  Love yourself passionately, fiercely, without judgment, in total acceptance, absolute approval, unconditionally.

Repeat.  Repetition is how you became alienated in the first place.  It only took a few years before you took it as truth and practiced it as if it were your own.  They are only beliefs—they are not the true you.  Your practice from now on is to be relentless in your pursuit of self-love, and there your true nature, your authentic self, will begin to unfold and bloom. 

There you will find bliss.  There you will find unconditional love without judgment.  There you will fill up with love until it overflows and expands out to everyone around you, and there….finally there….you will be recognized and loved for who you truly are.  In this place, just being is enough.  Just being you is love.

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Buddhist monks use hip hop, alcohol to attract followers -

Buddhist monks use hip hop, alcohol to attract followers -

Monk Zenshin serves up cocktails with Buddhism at the "Monk Bar."

Tokyo, Japan (CNN) -- Outside the 400-year-old Kyoouji Temple, Kansho Tagai, dressed in his traditional monk robes, paused and began a sutra. He bobbed his head and then broke into a lyrical rap.
"This is an old, old story, a fantasy and longing cosmology. Hey, hey, what's the story about? It's about the Buddha, yo. Hey brother, listen carefully! You got it? No? You don't? Okay, baby, no problem."
Tagai, or Mr. Happiness, as he prefers to be called, is delivering an ancient message to a hip hop beat. The monk hosts hip hop shows at his temple, drawing young people to a place that is traditionally filled with the elderly. His hip hop message is so popular that twice as many people now visit his temple.
"Buddha's doctrine is a treasure for us," Tagai said. "But we're not able to convey his wisdom to the people if we only stick with the old ways. So I try to use a new way to spread Buddha's doctrine. I want to spread Buddhism to the young by using the language they easily understand. Buddhism itself hasn't changed. It's just the way it's presented."
...."There's this image that monks sit deep in a mountain, training alone," Zenshin said. "But it's important that we come down into the secular world and live in modern society. An altar doesn't mean you have a temple. A temple is a place where people follow the faith and Buddha."
"This place is a temple," Zenshin said, wiping liquor off the bar.
To those who call the venue a gimmick, he said, "please visit my bar before judging."
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Friday, April 16, 2010

From a position of weakness comes our greatest strength. ~zenshine

From a position of weakness comes our greatest strength. ~zenshine

Who understands what giving means must laugh at the idea of sacrifice. ~A Course in Miracles

No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit. ~Helen Keller

When you understand that you are enough, right this moment, just as you are, not matter what that looks like, your being is your gift. ~zenshine

Have you ever felt that your best isn't good enough?  That you have little or nothing to give?  Take heart, literally take heart, in the knowing that from that place of emptiness within you is actually the place of spaciousness.  If you can become comfortable with that vast empty space, accept it exactly as it is right here right now, find the peace that it offers, you will see that that the void, the vacuum, starts to fill with love.  It wasn't really empty in the first place.  When you gave it your attention, you found fear.

From love, all things grow.  What is the opposite of love?  Fear.  Fear shrinks us and makes us less of who we are.  Fear literally inhibits the very functions that tell our bodies' cells to grow, and put us in the "fight or flight" mode, taking nourishment and growth off the table.

So accept the emptiness, accept yourself exactly as you are in this moment, and let go of the fear.  You don't need it.  You are safe.  Imagine for a moment someone or some pet or some thing that you adore.  You love them beyond words, accept them, adore their every quirk and imperfection because it is 'them', the beloved.  Most people find it easiest to love their pets this way because animals exude unconditional love.

So now imagine an expanding, ever growing Universe.  It grows on love, not fear.  Its function is unconditional love for all of creation.  Unconditional love and undivided attention for YOU, complete acceptance for YOU in every moment you breathe, it breathes back to YOU.  You are adored in that very space that seems to you to be so empty--it is the vastness of the Universe reminding you of who you truly are, how rich your life is, and how much you have to offer just by being YOU.  You are loved just as you are in this moment.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The heart can clear the mind of the clutter we call perception. When we expand our hearts, we open our minds. ~zenshine

The heart can clear the mind of the clutter we call perception. When we expand our hearts, we open our minds. ~zenshine

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is - infinite ~William Blake

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing. ~Camille Pissarro

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. ~Henri Bergson

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ever feel like a giant in the control room of a miniature you? Stop controlling and trying to 'fit in' for a moment. ~zenshine

Ever feel like a giant in the control room of a miniature you? Stop controlling and trying to 'fit in' for a moment. ~zenshine

Everything is so much larger when we live life from that authentic place that is really who we are.  By second-guessing ourselves, we cut ourselves off from the power of our true nature.  I'm not suggesting that you trample everyone around you with your giant 'feet', but if you live your life from authenticity you automatically are tapping the Source, which is love, pure love.

When we move and act from our loving authenticity, we can be as large as an elephant and still not trample the anthills beneath our feet.  Don't be afraid of your power.  Expand and be.  Know yourself, and in the knowing, you tap into source energy and bring others into that experience where they understand your movements from that place of love.

When you live larger, as an expanded being, you are truly living as a spiritual being in a physical experience.  If you shrink from who you are because you fear what others might think, you deprive yourself of life energy and you deprive others of the true experience of love.

Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Be thine own palace, or the world’s thy jail. ~
John Donne

Your idea of how good it can get is j
ust your idea. There's more. ~Alan Cohen

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

What the world needs now is more of who you really are

What the world needs now is more of who you really are. ~zenshine 

If we live truly, we shall see truly. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. ~William Shakespeare

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. ~Chinese proverb

He must understand that if he is the world's finest plum and someone he loves does not like plums, he has the choice of becoming a banana. But he must be warned that if he chooses to become a banana, he will be a second rate banana. But he can always be the best plum. ~Leo F. Buscaglia

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Friday, April 9, 2010

By day I praised you and never knew it.  By night I stayed with you and never knew it.  I always thought I was me, but no, I was you. ~Rumi

Can miles truly separate you from friends... If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there? ~Richard Bach

"What is love?"
"The total absence of fear," said the Master
"What do we fear?"
"Love," said the Master ~Anthony de Mello (TY to Vikram Mavinkurve!)

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. ~Ingrid Bergman
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Undivided attention - Judgment = Love ~zenshine

 If my heart could do my thinking and my head began to feel, I would look upon the world anew and know what's truly real. ~Van Morrison (thank you Sui Meditation!)

Undivided attention - Judgment = Love ~zenshine

When you give from your heart you create joy; when you give of your heart you create love. You are the giver and the gift. ~zenshine

~Try going with the heart first today, and the head will catch up~

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When we understand that no two moments, no two seconds, no two breaths are exactly alike, we become truly free. ~zenshine

When we understand that no two moments, no two seconds, no two breaths are exactly alike, we become truly free. ~zenshine

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so. ~Douglas Adams

To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time. ~Leonard Bernstein

~Play in the sandbox of time today, and build your dreams~

We all have those moments when we wish we could speed up time or slow it down.  When you go to sleep at night, do you wish you had more hours so you don't wake up tired?  Or when you're running late, do you wish you could magically create more time to get there?  Then we have the opposite desire when we are excited about something that hasn't happened yet and we wish we could speed up time.

What if I told you that you are already playing with time when you do that?  We are masters of playing with the illusion of time, but we've forgotten that.  And in the absence of the knowledge that we actually do play with time come the absence of intent, of consciously moving time as we would like it to be for us.

In the absence of intent, of the consciousness of our power, we still play with time, but often get the opposite results.  So you miss deadlines, arrive exhausted from lack of sleep, and wait and wait for the the things you really want that always seem just a little out of reach.

The reason you're getting the opposite of what you want is because you fear that what you want will not arrive on time, if ever.   And you fear that what you don't want will keep happening to you.  Fear is the ego's child, the untrained unconscious mind forgetting the power of who we truly are.  When fear runs the show, it's a very powerful engine fueled by our imagination of things that have not yet happened, and the brain gets trapped, harnessed into slavery that keeps us powerless.

When we remember who we really are, and live as our authentic selves, it is by being consciously aware of the times we experience fear, and letting go of whatever the mind is telling us about it. When we do that, we free up our hearts to love, and to love is to trust.  When we come from the state of love, we connect with the energy of the Universe, which is unconditional love, the kind of love that moves mountains, space, time and others' hearts.

Einstein showed that there is no space and time as we understand it, and quantum physicists are proving daily that we are an energetic field occupying this space called a human body.  We are using about 5% of our mental capacity, and the rest is on hold or running the basic functions of our bodies.  What if we could access more of our abilities?  When the heart is involved, we have about 5,000 times more electromagnetic energy available to us than the brain provides.

So practice playing with time today.  Listen to your breath, forget what your mind is telling you, just breathe in and out, and ask yourself where the breath is coming from, be willing to contemplate only that for a few minutes, and see how that feels.  The mind stops chattering, the chains fall off, and are free, and time no longer exists in this space.  Love is what is left, and in love all things become possible.  Do this each day, as often as you notice fear taking over, and see how your life opens up to the energy of the Universe.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Day After the Earthquake Quotes

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths. ~Etty Hillesum

When you have come to the edge Of all light that you know And are about to drop off into the darkness Of the unknown, Faith is knowing One of two things will happen: There will be something solid to stand on or You will be taught to fly. ~Patrick Overton

Be willing to take a leap. ~Rudolph A. Marcus, Ph.D.

And a wicked fun tweet from Deepak Chopra about our earthquake yesterday:;

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