Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When we understand that no two moments, no two seconds, no two breaths are exactly alike, we become truly free. ~zenshine

When we understand that no two moments, no two seconds, no two breaths are exactly alike, we become truly free. ~zenshine

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so. ~Douglas Adams

To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time. ~Leonard Bernstein

~Play in the sandbox of time today, and build your dreams~

We all have those moments when we wish we could speed up time or slow it down.  When you go to sleep at night, do you wish you had more hours so you don't wake up tired?  Or when you're running late, do you wish you could magically create more time to get there?  Then we have the opposite desire when we are excited about something that hasn't happened yet and we wish we could speed up time.

What if I told you that you are already playing with time when you do that?  We are masters of playing with the illusion of time, but we've forgotten that.  And in the absence of the knowledge that we actually do play with time come the absence of intent, of consciously moving time as we would like it to be for us.

In the absence of intent, of the consciousness of our power, we still play with time, but often get the opposite results.  So you miss deadlines, arrive exhausted from lack of sleep, and wait and wait for the the things you really want that always seem just a little out of reach.

The reason you're getting the opposite of what you want is because you fear that what you want will not arrive on time, if ever.   And you fear that what you don't want will keep happening to you.  Fear is the ego's child, the untrained unconscious mind forgetting the power of who we truly are.  When fear runs the show, it's a very powerful engine fueled by our imagination of things that have not yet happened, and the brain gets trapped, harnessed into slavery that keeps us powerless.

When we remember who we really are, and live as our authentic selves, it is by being consciously aware of the times we experience fear, and letting go of whatever the mind is telling us about it. When we do that, we free up our hearts to love, and to love is to trust.  When we come from the state of love, we connect with the energy of the Universe, which is unconditional love, the kind of love that moves mountains, space, time and others' hearts.

Einstein showed that there is no space and time as we understand it, and quantum physicists are proving daily that we are an energetic field occupying this space called a human body.  We are using about 5% of our mental capacity, and the rest is on hold or running the basic functions of our bodies.  What if we could access more of our abilities?  When the heart is involved, we have about 5,000 times more electromagnetic energy available to us than the brain provides.

So practice playing with time today.  Listen to your breath, forget what your mind is telling you, just breathe in and out, and ask yourself where the breath is coming from, be willing to contemplate only that for a few minutes, and see how that feels.  The mind stops chattering, the chains fall off, and are free, and time no longer exists in this space.  Love is what is left, and in love all things become possible.  Do this each day, as often as you notice fear taking over, and see how your life opens up to the energy of the Universe.

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