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108 Thanks Salutations 2012

108 Thanks Salutations 2012  

The yoga studio I go to has a tradition for starting New Year’s Day with 108 Sun Salutations—one for each bead on the mala (an ancient ornament used for prayer and meditation, as the practitioner focuses intent on each bead, one bead at a time).  It’s a beautiful way to stay present in a meditative state as it incorporates the sense of touch (the body) into union with the intent.  Add the focus of the breath, and we have Yoga, which means “Union”, or the union of the body, breath, and mind.

Over the New Year’s weekend I was blessed to spend much of my time in yoga practice and in meditation, and I even taught a yoga class about my meditations over the holidays, called “Open Your Present”, where we acknowledge the gifts we may have received over the holidays, but most especially the gift that is always there for us, but often remains unopened, untouched, untapped—The Present moment.  So it’s time to tear into that pretty wrapping,  and get into it!  Open your present, and be amazed how generous the Universe is with each of us.  Every breath, every moment, is magic.

 So in keeping with this meditation, I would like to share some of my 108 Thanks Salutations, and hope you will add yours to the list if it’s in your flow.  Writing them down is bringing it into the physical (body) very much like touching each bead of the mala, or moving the body through Sun Salutations, in union with the breath and the mind (intent), and is a very real way of opening the channels between you and the Infinite in the most loving expression of thanks:

1                    thanks for  each breath I take
2                    thanks for good friends
3                    thanks for unexpected generosity
4                    thanks for laughter, especially big belly laughs
5                    thanks for kindness
6                    thanks for my dogs and my cats (family) J
7                    thanks for my yoga practice
8                    thanks for my yoga teachers
9                    thanks for such a gorgeous, amazing day
10               thanks for all the beauty that surrounds us
11               thanks for music
12               thanks for dancing
13               thanks for love
14               thanks for being able to change
15               thanks for being willing to change
16               thanks for health
17               thanks for abundance of all kinds
18               thanks for flowers and trees
19               thanks for the beach, the ocean, the sand
20               thanks for being able to sing
21               thanks for vision of all kinds
22               thanks for teaching me that the mind is a faithful servant of the heart
23               thanks for my meditation practice
24               thanks for smiles
25               thanks for brilliant sunsets and gentle sunrises
26               thanks for good food
27               thanks for wine, chocolate and other tasty decadence
28               thanks for adventure
29               thanks for fun, frolic and euphoria
30               thanks for handstands and other ways of turning things upside down
31               thanks for being able to go with the flow
32               thanks for the mirror that shows me I am you, and you are me
33               thanks for compassion
34               thanks for life!
35               Thanks for art and all forms of creativity and creation
36               Thanks for a planet filled with people who dream together of a better way
37               Thanks for all my awesome neighbors
38               Thanks for long walks on the beach with my dogs
39               Thanks for kisses and hugs
40               Thanks for peace and the practice of cultivating peace
41               Thanks for rain, for the dark night, for new moons, and empty spaces giving us a place to rest and grow
42               Thanks for the stars and for stardust,  earth, water and air coming together to form the fire of life
43               Thanks for the sun and its warmth and nourishment
44               Thanks for my home
45               Thanks for warm, comfortable, beautiful clothes
46               Thanks for heat, running water, refrigeration, electricity…and the internet
47               Thanks for feeling connected to so many wonderful beings
48               Thanks for my home office
49               Thanks for another wonderful year
50               What would you like to add here?

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