Sunday, May 21, 2017

Loving the Tyrant. It's not who you think...

Arrive and arise.  There is no “someone else”.  We are all one.  Surprise.  

Arrive and arise.  There’s a dictator within us, just as avaricious and dull as some of those other leaders around us.  The only reason why we would ever listen to such hypocrisy is that it’s within us already.  It’s the inner voice, your personal tyrant, telling you that you are caught, dependent, helpless, held together by a mere trifle, some bling; the news of the day, whatever this tyrant within you allows.  Whatever it is, it’s less than you.

Arrive and arise.  Weren’t you the peaceful warrior determined to help others?  I dare you to first accept yourself in all your beauty and ugliness, accept the terrible mystery of your being-ness.  All voices within you are the voices outside you.  Are you afraid that your ugliness will take over your beauty?  Is your ugliness that powerful?  Yes, it is. It’s powerful not because it exists within you, but because it has no light, no connection to your beauty and your love.  Accept and connect.  Be unafraid of any part of you.

Arrive and arise.  There is a sweetness to owning your fears.  Whatever you fear within you will take you over unless you own it.  “I am fear as much as I am  love.  I am both beautiful and ugly.  I will not shrink from the terrible mystery within me, and I will be powerful beyond imagination as I become once again whole, and all parts of my being feel the light.”  

Arrive and arise.  Take heart that you’re not alone.  The peaceful warriors among us are many and growing, and oh so powerful.  Tyrants and dictators will fall, not because we’ve conquered them, but because we’ve opened our hearts and they’ve melted into the light.

Does this mean that you love the tyrant so much that you accept poor treatment? Never. It means that you treat yourself with so much love and respect that no tyrant, inside our out, has a victim left to claim. And you are powerful, beautiful, terrible, mysterious and free.

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