Saturday, June 3, 2017

Gardening the Mind

You're walking on a garden path called life, and it's filled with everything imaginable to you.  Everyone you've ever met or even passed on the street is here in this garden, here just for you.  All of the people in your life blend with all of the experiences you've ever had.  Even though it could seem crowded, all of these people are part of the garden flowers, the trees, the grass, the stream, and the path itself; your life experience.  Everywhere you step, your feet are met with love.  Every face shines with the light of the heart's inner fire.  Every thought you've ever thought and every word you've ever spoken are also here for you in this garden.  Most of them are just seeds, lying in the nurturing soil of your endless experiences and relationships.

Many of your thoughts have been painful, and many are loving, light, gentle and breezy.  It's your choice now to nurture the thoughts you want to grow.  Here in your garden, on your path, your thoughts and your words are pure magic, sending wave after wave of love and light into the seedlings ready to burst through the earth.  You carefully tend the seedlings, showering them in your song.

As your feet step on magical soil, your words change the path to shape around your journey.  All of the people you encounter, no matter what they say or do, are reflecting back to you who you really are.  No matter what you see, you stop judging.  You decide to love yourself deeply for being able to create this magical experience in your life, and so you also must love everyone who is here for you.  When you shift your vision to the beauty of those who have chosen to be a part of your life's path, it is easy to see yourself in them, and them in you.  You are intertwined like the vines growing effortlessly around you.

You are willing to trust your constantly changing experience, which means you can relax and trust everyone, no matter what they appear to be doing, After all, your life is magic, and nothing is as it seems until you look with your heart and let that be the magic that flows through your mind, clearing the inner vision.

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